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Once an order has been placed, DPR professionals will collaborate with you to further define goals, nail down specifics and establish a timeline for the job. The following will then occur:

 • Engineering: DPR experts will create a drawing – say for a customized Standpipe Manifold –
    reflecting customer needs and specifications. Once approved, material for the job will
    be ordered or pulled from inventory.
  • Fabrication: Fabrication will last from a day to several weeks, depending on the size of the job.
  • Testing: This will occur on site at DPR or at a third party location and include:
      – NDE testing (radiographic testing, magnetic particle analysis, hardness testing,
        visual inspection)
      – Stress testing at a requird temperature
      – Hydro testing at specified pressure

Once a job has passed all testing, it will be painted and prepared for shipment
  • Delivery and installation: Once delivered, installation will be handled by DPR or more often,
    by the customer.
  • Ongoing Support: DPR stands behind the work it does. The company will provide
    maintenance, repair and overhaul as needed.

For On-Rig Service
DPR service experts work closely with customers to define service goals, tasks and timelines. Depending on the specific jobs assigned, our on-rig service process can consist of everything from prefabrication, delivery and assembly, data book documentation and drawings, MRO and API re-certifications.