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Manifold Assemblies

Manifold Assemblies

High quality, reliable manifold assemblies for standpipe, mud pump discharge, choke, cement and fracking applications. All customized to customer specifications and designed to meet API 6A and ASME B31.3 specs.

Standpipe Manifold Assembly

Sits on the rig’s drill floor. Depending on specific drilling requirements, directs the drilling fluid from the mud pumps down the drill pipe to:
            • The well bore
            • The well bore annulus
            • The cement unit
            • The choke manifold


Mud Pump Discharge Manifold Assembly

Allows the driller to select between the pumps on the drilling rig to move drilling fluid to:
            • The standpipe manifold
            • The cement unit
            • Tanks
Mud Pump Discharge Assembly requirements are determined by the pressure requirements of the well plan.

Choke and Kill Manifold Assembly

An assembly of valves that allows the driller to direct the drilling fluid coming back from the well bore. If the return fluid is under pressure, the choke manifold assembly will release that pressure at a controlled rate. The driller can then redirect the drilling fluid to a gas separator, a flare, or to holding tanks.

Cement Manifold Assembly

Allows the driller to assemble cement pumps and connect them to the steel casing in the drill hole so the cementing process can be completed. Drill hole casings must be cemented into the well bore to seal all formations across the hold bore section


Fracking Manifold Assembly

Ties all the frack pumps together and allows the fracking fluid to be directed to the well.